Friday, November 10, 2017

Accenture leaves sensitive data leak on exposed servers, giving “keys to the kingdom”

The exposed servers had the "keys to the kingdom" not just passwords, hosted on Amazon's S3 storage service. Technology consultant giant Accenture gets added to the list of the organizations responsible for serious security failings...

Amazon Transfers its data to cloud by Vehicles! Not Computer Networks

Amazon now transfers its large quantity of data(several hundred GB or more) to cloud by vehicles instead of a computer network. Transfering truckloads of data through trucks, a nice catchphrase. This method...
Strong Passwords prevents hacks?

Strong Passwords prevents hacks? Is this standard any good in preventing hackers?

It's time to re-check your passwords A specifically hard password is not particularly safe. Yeah, you read it right. PasswordPasswordPassword is safer than P@$$//0r!) Almost all the interaction on the web pages requires us to...

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