There are two steps to this –

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Step 1 – Get Google Tracking Code From Google Analytics

1.1 – Signup Here

Your Account Name can be Anything you want like blog fossnow

Website Name would be the company/organisation name like in our case  we have the same name fossnow  so we use it as is, but again this can be anything

Website URL has to be the home landing page of your blogspot. Here we use,

Select industry and Time Zones Accordingly

Tap on Get Tracking ID, and then you will be redirected to

Your Tracking ID is UA-116857362-1, Copy this for linking it in your blog

Step 2 – Link this code to your blog page

Go to, and select Settings, Other, and Paste your Tracking ID in the Google Analytics section. Then Save.

Google Analytics linking

That’s all Folks! Happy Analytics!!

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