It’s time to re-check your passwords

A specifically hard password is not particularly safe. Yeah, you read it right.

PasswordPasswordPassword is safer than P@$$\/\/0r!)

Almost all the interaction on the web pages requires us to create an account id and password. Now your password is the only thing which prevents others from impersonating as you and stealing your information.

Have you come across a robot who grades your password weak, medium or strong?

The man who worked with the U.S. government to help create ‘strong’ standards recently came out to publicly apologize.In his original document, he claimed passwords should include special characters and everyone should reset their passwords after 90 days.

He came out publicly and apologized. Using obscure characters and numbers like @, ! 1 don’t actually help protect your valuable information.

Length is key, not difficulty.

Long easy to remember phrases are better passwords than short random passwords you’re likely to forget.

He said when he made the recommendation to use capital letters, numbers, and special characters, he was not sure why.

Long passwords have the characters in a specific order, so it is much harder to crack than a short random password.

Rules for new password

  1. Make password user-friendly, so you can remember your password and have no need to write it down.
  2. Size matters, a minimum of 8 characters is a must, long passwords are safer than short passwords.
  3. Check your password against a dictionary of bad choices. You don’t want to use unlockme, password.
  4. Try not to use single dictionary words, hackers have dictionary specific attacks.

Use this website to check the strength of your password

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