BombusMod Messaging client Full-featured XMPP client based on a J2ME app. Website and source code docs are in Russian. License:GNU General Public License v2.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Simple Loan Calculator

Simple Loan Calculator Calculator for payments Calculate annuity, differentiated and fixed payments. Calculation:the monthly payment, the amount of interest paid, the total cost of credit, amortization schedule and a comparison of all these indices between different loans. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info Donate […]

LG Touch LED

LG Touch LED LED notifications for LG phones For: * LG Optimus 2X/T-Mobile G2X/Star (P990/P999/SU660) * LG Optimus Black (P970) * LG Optimus 3D (P920) * LG Nitro (P930) * LG Optimus ME (P350) * LG Marquee (LS855) * LG Prada 3.0 (P940) and possibly others. This application uses mainly the touch LED buttons to […]

Bysyklist Oslo

Bysyklist Oslo Find bikes in Oslo N.B It isn’t possible to view your position on a map because Google Maps is the only map source and f-droid can’t supply an API key to use it. It is still possible to see your relative position to docking stations however and to see how many bikes are […]

AnySoftKeyboard: Georgian

AnySoftKeyboard: Georgian Language pack for AnySoftKeyboard N.B You may need to install Georgian fonts. This process would require root. We have a package for them: org.herrlado.geofonts. Install first, then select the desired layout from AnySoftKeyboard’s Settings->Keyboards menu. See the Google Play description of com.anysoftkeyboard.languagepack.georgian_full for more tips. This package is a hybrid, using keyboards […]


aSQLiteManager SQLite (small database) frontend Front end allowing management of SQLite databases. These are very commonly used by apps to store settings in the /data directory, but you would need root access to move them to a location that this app can edit them from. If you try to enter that directory with this app’s […]


DroidWall Firewall frontend ”’N.B”’ Development of this app ceased in mid 2012. Use dev.ukanth.ufirewall instead. Tap the tab at the top to switch between whitelist and blacklist mode. Tap Menu and Apply Changes to apply. Recommended platforms are Android 1.6 to 2.3.7. Requires root: Yes. iptables (the firewall itself) has to be run as root. […]

Eyes-Free Shell

Eyes-Free Shell Alternative homescreen Turns your Android into an eyes-free communication device. Provides one-touch access to applications, as well as useful mini-apps built into the Eyes-Free Shell. Move your finger over the screen to explore; lift your finger up to run what you stopped on. See the FAQ or the Eyes-Free blog for more on […]


Apollo Music player The music app that comes bundled with CyanogenMod ROM v10. 1.0 is built at the latest commit from the original author’s repo (because that still supports Android 2.3). Latest version is built from CM repos at cm-10.1.0-RC1 tag. It won’t be possible to install this on CM10 because the apk is signed […]

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