SASAbus Bus schedule for South Tyrol SASAbus is the first application to consult the bus schedule of SASA (Società Autobus Servizi d’Area – Städtischer Autobus Service AG) for all lines of the city of Bozen, Meran and Leifers (South Tyrol). Operation is very simple: choose the city, the bus line, the destination and the bus […]


  Maniana User-friendly todo list “An errand a day keeps the troubles away”. A fun, and informal way to progress with your todo list. Maniana (man-ya-na) helps you to answer a simple question “which of my errands am I going to do today?”. A perfect solution for every procrastinator! License:Apache License 2.0 Source Code Build […]

Tibetan Pad

Tibetan Pad Read Tibetan script View any Tibetan text or webpage by using the “Share Via” feature of other apps like Browser, Email or Messaging: even if your device doesn’t have the fonts. Text can be edited with a Tibetan keyboard like org.ironrabbit.bhoboard. Author: Eiron Rabbit License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata […]

Floating Image

Floating Image Display images from galleries Streams images from various image hosting websites or RSS feeds as well as from the device and displays them in a continuous stream of floating images across the display. Works as a live wallpaper too. Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! The source code […]

Android USB Serial Monitor Lite

Android USB Serial Monitor Lite Simple USB-Serial Monitor USB Host API may be required on the device — this isn’t the same as USB peripheral or thumb drive support. Author has tested CDC-ACM with Arduino UNO, MEGA, mbed. When you connect a CDC-ACM device to Android, please select Menu -> Open Device. You can connect […]

Clipboard Beam

Clipboard Beam Share clipboard between devices If you have two devices with NFC and Beam (latter is standard with Android 4.1), you can share the contents of the device clipboard just by touching the devices together. If you don’t have NFC you can make QR codes with which can be read by another Android […]

DashClock: Cellular Network

DashClock: Cellular Network Cell provider info on lock-screen Extension for net.nurik.roman.dashclock allowing you to see which network you’re connected to. Newer versions of this (and other Dashclock plugins by this author) are available elsewhere, but require proprietary software to function correctly. License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


Mnemododo Spaced-repetition learning aid Mnemododo allows cards from Mnemosyne (a spaced-repetition flash-card program) to be reviewed. Mnemododo does not replace Mnemosyne: cards are still added, edited, and deleted using a desktop or laptop computer. Rather, cards for several days are exported using the Mnemogogo plugin and then transferred to a mobile phone where they can […]


Bitbeaker client is a site that hosts code in git and hg (mercurial) repositories. You can download repos for offline viewing and discuss issues. Newer versions of this app exist, but cannot be built without secret API keys, so are unlikely to appear here. Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. […]


RvClock Clock widget Clock in the style of the Cowon D3 clock, with customizable colours for the hours and minutes. The font used is PT Sans Narrow which is licensed under the SIL. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


MicDroid Pitch correct your voice Produces the pitch correction effect made famous by T-Pain. It’s based on the AutoTalent pitch-correcting LADSPA plugin, by Tom Baran. There isn’t an integrated audio player so you might want to install an audio player that can handle files, such as or net.avs234. A proprietary ad library was removed. […]


RoundR Round the corners of the screen RoundR takes advantage of the fact that regardless of the device’s color, the screen is surrounded with a pitch black border, the corners of which are rarely ever touched. RoundR places four small overlays at the corners of the display, to simulate a rounded screen. Author: Mohammad Adib […]


Timesheet Time Tracker Timesheet is an application designed primarily for contractors and freelancers to track the time spent on different tasks. You can add billable tasks and unbillable tasks (such as “Lunch”) and get a daily or weekly report of time spent on each. License:GNU General Public License v2.0 only Website Issue Tracker Source Code […]


Subsurface Legacy GPS tool for the Subsurface desktop application. Use the new app ! Companion app for the cross-platform Subsurface desktop app * Capture dive positions * Search and modify old dives * Synchronise dives with a server for manipulation in desktop app Recent versions require the non-free library Google Play Services library. Anti-Features This […]


Dasher Text input method (IME) Dasher is an information-efficient, text-entry interface, driven by a natural continuous steering of the cursor into boxes representing the letter you want to input. Dasher is especially useful for text-entry wherever a full-size keyboard cannot be used — for example, * when operating a computer one-handed, by joystick, touchscreen, trackball, […]

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