Voicesmith Real-time voice changer Voicesmith records an audio signal from the built-in microphone, processes it in some way and plays it back through the earphones in real-time. There are some of the classical Phase Vocoder effects available. Voicesmith can also be used to perform the Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency-Shifted Auditory Feedback (FAF). License:GNU […]


Inetify Wi-Fi Internet access helper Inetify is an Android tool providing two features related to Wifi networks: 1.Give a notification if a Wifi network does not provide internet access. 2.Automatically activate Wifi when near a Wifi network and deactivate it otherwise: this is experimental and will use GPS when necessary, thus draining the battery ”’N.B”’ […]


Markers Finger drawing Uses the multitouch and pressure sensitivity of capactive screens but there are differences in screen technology, so please see the website if you experience problems. A tutorial on the website shows how to simulate layers. Author: Dan Sandler License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


AppBak Back up list of installed apps Simple way to back up a list of installed applications to a file on your SD card. The option to restore individual apps from this list is limited to other app stores that are installed on the phone that can accept market intents. It is not a good […]

Page Plus Balance

Page Plus Balance Retrieve your balance from PagePlusCellular Gets your balance directly from PagePlusCellular.com, saving bandwidth by making fewer requests than a browser could and not downloading any javascript, css, or images that a browser would. Optionally, over mobile data, will send your details to a service on my server that uses the same code […]


Sensorium Collect sensor data Sensorium collects sensor values (such as 3G, GPS, battery charge) that you allow it to access. You can control the level of detail of the data collected from within the app. The app comes preconfigured so as to collect data for upstream’s open 3G connectivity map, Open3GMap: it sends data once […]

SamLib Инфо

SamLib Инфо Track new Russian publications New publications on samlib.ru site. Newer versions of this app exist, but require proprietary software, so updates will not appear here. Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! The upstream source code is not entirely Free Author: Dmitry Monakhov License:Apache License 2.0 Website Issue Tracker […]


TunesViewer University podcast access A small, easy to use program to access iTunes-University media and podcasts (iTunesU). * Direct searching, browsing, and downloading * Supports itunes-University login, to download students-and-staff-only media * Reveals the standard rss-podcast-feed of the itunes-podcasts, for use in any podcast software * Includes the option to set itself as default protocol […]


Sage Calculation client Sage is mathematical software that combines many packages into a common interface. This Android application connects as a http client to a Sage server, authenticates, initiates a session, sends commands and displays the results. There are some demos which appear to function via public server. Status: Beta. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 […]


Mytronome Use your smartphone as a metronome A simple metronome. Supports 1 to 200 beats per minute and 8 meters. The application is intended to be run only in portrait mode. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Website Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

KeePass NFC

KeePass NFC Unlock database with tags For use with com.android.keepass. ”KeePass NFC” lets you use a rewritable NFC tag to unlock your KeePassDroid database. It includes the functionality to write the NFC tag as well as to unlock KeePassDroid when reading the tag. Author: Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale   License:Apache License 2.0 Website Issue Tracker Source Code […]


Andlytics Track your apps on Play Store View stats and reply to comments. Requires a google account on the phone but not an admob account. ”Andlytics” collects statistics from the Google Play Developer Console. It lets you track active installs, total installs, ratings, and comments for all your Android apps that are published on Google […]


MMSKeeper Switch data off and still allow MMS traffic This app modifies the TYPE field of the current APN (Access Point Name) to allow or disallow data traffic, while still being able to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS). The desired TYPE values are customizable. Data still needs to be enabled for MMS. The only […]

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