Simple Explorer

Simple Explorer File manager Simple file explorer inspired by com.cyanogenmod.filemanager.ics and com.docd.purefm. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Website Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]

OTP Authenticator

OTP Authenticator A two-factor authentication App OTP Authenticator is a two-factor authentication App for Android 4.0+. It implements Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP) like specified in RFC 6238. Simply scan the QR code and login with the generated 6-digit code. Features: * Free and Open-Source * Requires minimal permissions * Encrypted storage on Android 4.3+ * […]


BipolAlarm Alarm clock with 2 stages This alarm clock operates in 2 stages. It first starts playing music from a chosen playlist. After a set delay, if the alarm is not dismissed, a regular ringing alarm will start. License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Bankomat Card Infos 2

Bankomat Card Infos 2 Read bank card via NFC Tries to read the last transactions and some general infos from a NFC-enabled Austrian Bankomatkarte (Maestro debit card) via NFC. It may not work on all cards, only tested with cards from Bank Austria for now. It checks if the card contains the Paylife Quick application […]


SuperGenPass Implementation of SuperGenPass SuperGenPass combines a Web site’s domain and your master password to generate a unique password for each Web site you visit using a strong cryptographic hash. In addition to using the form when you run the app, you can also use the “Share Page” menu item in the Browser application to […]

DotDash Keyboard

DotDash Keyboard Morse code keyboard A Morse code keyboard, specifically designed for phones with small screens and slow CPUs. DotDash uses “untimed” Morse code so that CPU lag or stuttering won’t interfere with input. With DotDash you can touchtype, error-free, on most Android phones. 1. Type a letter by entering its series of dots and […]


Rainwave Client for music station Listen to music on, an icecast music station, via music players like or net.sourceforge.servestream. You can also log in to vote and request tracks to be played. License:BSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info Donate […]


HaRail Find train routes and schedules in Israel Lets you find train routes and see schedules for Israel Railways trains. It is similar to the original Israel Railways app, but with the following advantages: 1. Simple design for easy and fast searching 2. Searches trains in a local database, making searches very fast and eliminating […]


Microphone Feeds audio from the mic right out of the speaker This microphone just feeds audio from the phone’s mic right out of its speaker, which means you get a horrible screeching feedback noise. However, plug the thing into your computer with a male to male headphone jack and your phone becomes a PC mic. […]


GfxTablet Use touchscreen as graphics tablet ”’NOTE:”’ This app is no longer maintained. GfxTablet makes it possible to use your device (especially tablets) like a graphics tablet, sending touch data (including pressure!) to any compatible (e.g. GNU/Linux) computer. Requires running the uinput driver on your PC (see website for details). ”’Features:”’ * Draw and Paint […]


nicoWnnG Keyboard for JA IME based on OpenWnn with full qwerty and a variety of Japanese layouts. Website is in Japanese. Original source is in a zip under dist/old. License:Apache License 2.0 Website Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Multitouch Test

Multitouch Test Test multitouch capabilities Test the touch capabilities of your device. It measures and shows how accurate the touch of your device is, how many touches it supports, and if there are some options to personalize the exhibition. Author: Leonardo Cardoso License:Apache License 2.0 Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


Dimmer Lower brightness Lower the brightness beyond the limit through a filter. Protect your eyes in dark environment. Lower screen light. Simple, Intuitive, Useful. ”’Features:”’ * Quickly control in notification. * Automatically dim and brighten as environment. * One click icon to switch dim and bright. * Auto launch at the specific time. * Support […]


Pomfshare Client for Pomshare uses Android’s built-in sharing menu to easily upload files to, a free quality filehost. No timeouts, no logins. 50 MiB maximum. License:GNU General Public License v2.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]

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