Night Mode Enabler

Night Mode Enabler Enable NightMode on Android7+ Enables toggle and quick tile to control system-wide dark theming. Want access to the Night Mode Quick Tile on Nougat? Seems like it’s hidden. But with this amazing app, you can get a sweet VIP pass to that awesome blue-light killer. If you’re having trouble – make sure […]

Url forwarder

Url forwarder Save bookmarks Provides a bookmarklet functionality: It works by sharing a link from any app using filters. Ever used bookmarklet’s in the browser? This app makes it possible to create filters that forwards an url to another site. For example, say you have a site called “” that you want to send to […]


HN Read and comment on tech news Hacker News client with a focus on reliability and usability. * View articles in ViewText, Google, or your system browser (you can set each as default) * Upvote stories (long-press on story) * Collapse and expand comments by tapping on them * Choose from 3 text sizes * […]

Timidity AE

Timidity AE MIDI player using Timidity++ library Multimedia player focused on playing MIDI files. Instead of built-in Android MIDI playing features, it uses Timidity++ engine and allows specifying soundfonts and options. Included soundfont 8Rock11e seems to have non-free license “Distribute freely. Don’t disassemble.” Features include: * High quality MIDI file playback far superior to Android’s […]


Hop’Edia Helps you to choose a good beer Hop’Edia is a community-made database. It’s oriented on beer, but also cider and other low-alcohol bewerage. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

List My Apps

List My Apps List apps Compiles a list of apps installed on the device, in a text format for easy sharing: * Plain text * HTML list (e.g. for blog comments) * BBCode list (used by many forums) * Markdown list (e.g. for Reddit) * Market URL (e.g. for direct sharing via barcode scanner app […]


Netclip Transfer text from your PC to the clipboard Telnet to your Android device, send snippets of text to it and copy them to the device clipboard. It is useful for people who want to copy/paste text to their phones or tablets. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Source Code Build Metadata Technical info Donate […]


SGit Git Client This app has been deprecated by upstream in favor of com.manichord.mgit. A git client and text editor. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Website Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


Greyscale A simple AOSP-like theme for CyanogenMod ”’NOTE:”’ This app is no longer maintained (its source repo was archived). Greyscale is a very simple and minimal theme, based on Material guidelines. The color scheme is entirely composed by shades of Material Grey. What’s inlcuded: * Status bar * Navigation bar * Style * Wallpaper (by […]


Wirebug Enables or disables debugging over Wi-Fi Allows you to enable or disable ADB debugging over TCP (i.e. Wi-Fi) from within the device, without having to connect it to your machine via USB. ”’Features:”’ * Easily turn wireless debugging on or off by flipping a switch * Prevent device from sleeping while debugging * Automatically […]


SAnd Show orientation, height and airpressure Use your phones sensors (barometer and compass) to show your current orientation, height and air pressure. Important: * Showing height and air pressure only works, if your phone has a built-in barometer (if this is not the case it provides you a simple compass with orientation in degree). * […]

Fancy Places

Fancy Places Store your FancyPlaces (geobookmarks) Have you ever seen a nice shop or restaurant and said: “I have to come back here” – but never found it again? Well, then this App is for you: It lets you create a georeferenced list of your most favorite places, your FancyPlaces. Create your new FancyPlaces on […]


Bankdroid Swedish banking client Checks your account balance at any of the major Swedish banks and can display notifications on changes. Includes a widget. License:Apache License 2.0 Website Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


orWall Force apps to use Tor Force selected applications through Orbot while preventing unchecked applications to have network access. In short, orWall will add special iptables rules in order to redirect traffic for applications through Tor; it will also add required rules in order to block traffic for other apps. The redirection is based on […]

NextGIS Mobile

NextGIS Mobile GIS that lets you create, edit and export geodata, both online and offline NextGIS Mobile allows to: * show multi-layer map (layers can come from online and offline sources); * change visibility and layers order; * navigate the map (panning, zoom in, zoom out); * collect data in the field; * edit vector […]

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