Applications Info

Applications Info Show metadata of installed applications Monitor all available informations about all installed applications or packages on a device. You can view the entire AndroidManifest.xml file and get details about: * Activities * Services * Providers * Receivers * Uses permissions * Permissions * Uses features * Configurations * Signatures Author: Majeur License:Apache License […]


mTPMS Read tire pressure sensor Read tire pressure sensors of a motorcycle with an iTPMSystem. Features: * Displays tire pressure, temperature and voltage * User configurable units for pressure and temperature * User configurable notifications for low/high tire pressure (Sound, vibrate and LED) * Auto night mode (dark color scheme) using the light sensor * […]


Toffeed Interact with Facebook ”’Note:”’ This app is no longer maintained. Wrapper around Facebook’s mobile website and APIs. ”’Features:”’ * Light: The official Facebook app is slow and a battery hog. Toffeed is under 2 MB and has no background services which drains battery. * Notifications: Toffeed supports background notifications. * Material design: Toffeed follows […]


Obsqr The most lightweight QR code reader Fast and simple QR code scanner that uses the zbar library. Minimalistic design allows you to access QR content with a single tap. ”’N.B”’ QR codes only, not other kinds of barcodes. QR types that can be decoded by Obsqr: * URLs * phone numbers * SMS * […]

Satoshi Proof

Satoshi Proof Prove chronology of events Use the Bitcoin network like a notary. For example if your bike is damaged you can take a photo; then the app sends a small amount of bitcoins (a Satoshi) to a made-up address. If you ever need to prove when the photo was taken, the app can do […]

Always On AMOLED Plugin

Always On AMOLED Plugin Control capacitive button lights via Always On AMOLED This plugin for com.tomer.alwayson is required for devices with capacitive buttons. Turns the hardware buttons light off/on. Author: Tomer Rosenfeld License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info Donate […]

RF Analyzer

RF Analyzer View HackRF plots View a FFT plot and a waterfall plot of the frequency spectrum received by a HackRF. The new version can also demodulate audio from AM and FM signals! Use an OTG (on-the-go) USB cable to connect your HackRF/RTL-SDR to an Android phone/tablet and this app will visualize the RF spectrum […]


Mach3Pendant Control your Mach3 CNC via Wi-Fi Allows you to interact with a package to control your Mach3 CNC software via WiFi. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info Donate […]


Sigfood Get current menus (University of Erlangen, South) Get the current menus served at the university canteen of southern Erlangen. * Up-to-date menu * Pictures * Comments * Ratings License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Bad Pixel Detector

Bad Pixel Detector Check your device on pixel failures by plain screens in 8 colors, black & white Check the screen for existence of so-called “dead pixels”. So called bad and defective pixels are defects of the electronic device which is perceiving or reproducing the image and having pixel structure. A more detailed explanation is […]

WiFi Walkie Talkie

WiFi Walkie Talkie Talk to other devices on your LAN This program transmits sound recorded from microphone to some other devices running the same program on the same network segment, so works like Walkie Talkie radio. Devices find each other by Android NSD (aka Bonjour), no any configuration required. Unfortunately Android NSD implementation is not […]


LeafPic View your images and galleries Note: This app is no longer developed, com.alienpants.leafpicrevived is a fork that continues development. Advanced replacement for the default image gallery. ”LeafPic” is a fluid, material-designed alternative gallery. It doesn’t miss any of the main features of a stock gallery, and we also have plans to add more useful […]


Puff Password Utility Puff provide two ways for quick access your account credentials. Pin means pin your account information in a notification. As you can see in the screenshot, for each credential there is a button in the notification. Click that button the credential will be copied to your clipboard automatically. And the notification will […]

Analytical Translator

Analytical Translator Natural language translator Front-end for the natural language translator project “Analytical Translator”, a translator that analyzes sentences, corrects syntax and grammar and reports and explains mistakes. A pedagogical translator for language learners that detects and corrects gender,conjugation and declination discrepancies as well as some orthographic mistakes. Only translation from German to Spanish is […]

Bulkshare 2

Bulkshare 2 Share multiple URLs Select multiple URLs to send via email, SMS, etc. This app was previously known as Author: Alex Gherghisan License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]

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