MidniteSolar Classic Monitor

MidniteSolar Classic Monitor View solar charging device status Unofficial status monitor for Midnite solar’s Classic 150, 200, 250 Charge Controller. It is a Read Only Program, it does not write to the Classic. If the app detects a Whizbang Junior current monitor, the State Of Charge will display along with a bi-directional current gauge. Basic […]

Rick App

Rick App play automatic burp in silent situations ”’NOTE:”’ This app is no longer maintained, its repo was archived. The Rick-App plays a automatic burp in silent situations. This App makes it possible to talk like Rick in ”Rick and Morty”. Features: * Threshold ruler: modify the noise limit * RickApp plays a burp sound, […]

World Weather

World Weather View weather forecast Displays current weather and forecasts from OpenWeatherMap. Two kinds of forecast are available: 14-day daily weather and 5-day three-hourly weather. You can select any of the 200,000 cities supported by OpenWeatherMap. ”NonFreeNet:” OpenWeatherMap service is not open. Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! This app […]


Inventum Learn more about your favorite movies and TV shows Simple TMDb client. Features: * Different languages: English, Spanish, German, Polish, Belarusian, Russian * Discover: Search for movies and TV shows by genres, min rating and etc * Search: Search for movies, TV shows and persons with a text query * Movies: Top rated, Upcoming, […]


SyncOrg Take and organize notes Note taking app that supports Emacs OrgMode. Features: * Modern design using Android’s Material Design guidelines * Automatic Git synchronization (via SSH and HTTP). Access to the raw files in case of conflict to solve. * Independent of Emacs: it is no longer required to use it in conjunction with […]


CamCov Use your camera as background Gain more safety while walking with your eyes on the screen. Alert: This app does not have Super Cow Powers. Do NOT rely on this app. Dut to technical issues, this software actually uses the camera as a translucent covering layer (overlay). However, that behaves quite similar to using […]

Get Foreground Activity

Get Foreground Activity Show current foreground activity Displays a flash with the current activity name being in foreground. It currently opens Huawei volume settings by default. Requires to activate accessibility service. License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


GTFSOffline Use with any pro-GTFS transit agency Based on GRTransit and substantially modified (supporting multiple transit agencies, with stripped-down privacy centric features), this transit app displays bus route and stop information, as well as bus times (both scheduled and actual expected times), for the Grand River Transit (GRT) system. Because of the standardization of the […]


DoliDroid Use Dolibarr ERP & CRM Use Dolibarr ERP & CRM from your device. This application is not a standalone program. It is a front end client to use your online hosted instance of Dolibarr ERP & CRM software (Open-source web software to manage your business). The advantages of DoliDroid are: * DoliDroid is not […]

Caffeine Tile

Caffeine Tile Keep your device from sleeping Quicksettings tile to keep your device from sleeping. To use this utility, add the “Caffeine” quicksettings tile, and click it when you want to keep your device from sleeping. When you’re done, simply click on the tile again. License:MIT License Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


TopoSuite Tool for land surveyors TopoSuite for Android is an application that targets land surveyors by helping them determining new geographical points based on measurements and offering some utilities. It is able to do the following calculations: Polar calculations: * station orientation * free station * polar survey * polar implantation * axis implantation Orthogonal […]


ExprEval Math expression calculator with variables and functions support Application that solves math expressions. Main features: * Supports variables (e.g. you can do “a=5”, then “a+1” and you get 6) * Built-in basic function (like logarithms and trigonometry) * Custom functions can be defined (e.g. “log(x,b)=log(x)/log(b)”, then log(32,2) will print 5) * Variables and functions […]

UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) (legacy)

UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) (legacy) Location provider middleware (UnifiedNlp) This package is for AOSP from 2.3 to 4.3.1, if you use a ROM based on AOSP 4.4 and later, see com.google.android.gms. If you have GAPPS installed, independently from the AOSP version, see org.microg.nlp. Some ROMs, like FirePhoneOS 1.8 (AOSP 4.2), come with support for Google geolocation […]

UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS)

UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) Location provider middleware (UnifiedNlp) ”’README:”’ If this app shows as installed or as updateable but you don’t recall installing it, you should completely ignore it as it will be useless to you and you will not be able to uninstall it nor update it. This is because the Google version comes preinstalled […]

UnifiedNlp (GAPPS)

UnifiedNlp (GAPPS) Location provider middleware (UnifiedNlp) Most modern ROMs come with support for non-Google geolocation providers. On these systems UnifiedNlp can be installed as a user app to replace the network location provider. It acts as a middleware for various plugins aka backends, it does not provide any location lookup itself. For further information please […]

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