License Search and read software licenses Search software licenses and read their full text version, as defined by SPDX. SPDX (Software Package Data Exchange) is a file format used to document information on the software licenses under which a given piece of computer software is distributed. The data is retrieved from MetaDB, a public database […]

My Contacts

My Contacts Quickly access your contacts Recent Contacts lets you see your recently and most called contacts in one overview, and it lets you make direct phone calls straight from the widget itself without launching the dialer app first. As with any widget, if you don’t like using it, it can easily be removed. License:Apache […]


CryptoPass Strong passwords for different websites using a single secret key Generate different passwords from single master password using cryptographically strong method (PBKDF2 with SHA-256). Create strong passwords for different websites (or anything else) using a single secret key. There’s no need to remember or store multiple passwords if you can derive them from your […]

Chromium SWE Updater

Chromium SWE Updater Update custom Chromium for Snapdragon builds Automatically update an unofficial build of Aurora’s Chromium for Snapdragon, an optimized fork targeting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. The custom build aims to deploy the stock Chromium SWE with only few additions: custom icon, custom name, adblock, more search engines. This app will search a third-party GitHub […]

BeHe Pro

BeHe Pro Browse the web Simple, small and minimalistic internet browser made for experimenting and learning. Anybody is welcome to participate to this project no matter if you are a developer, designer, translator, tester..or just a simple user reporting a bug :-). License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


Diode Interact with Reddit Diode provides quick and easy access to Reddit on your device complete with login, commenting and submissions. Discuss Diode with other users at the official subreddit. Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! This app promotes non-free network services License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Website Issue […]

SlimSocial for Twitter

SlimSocial for Twitter Access Twitter Wrapper around Twitter’s mobile website and APIs. * It is lightweight: it weighs less than 1 Mb * It has simple, modern design: there is only what you need * It is Open source: the code of this app is online on GitHub, anyone can verify the authenticity of the […]

Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder Record audio files Simple sound recorder implementing material design. Use Sound Recorder to record lectures, singing, business meetings, notes and more! ”’Features:”’ * Material Design * Easy to Use * No Time Limits * MP4 Format * AAC Encoder * Manage files easily * Open source * NO ADVERTISEMENTS Author: Daniel Yehun Kim […]


NominatimNlpBackend UnifiedNlp geocoding provider (MapQuest Nominatim) backend that uses MapQuest’s Nominatim service (based on OpenStreetMap) for geocoding. License:Apache License 2.0 Website Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


MouseApp Mastodon multi-instances client Mastodon client that supports multiple instances and language detection. It is still in development phase. You may use it for basic interactions (reading, replying, tooting, boosting…) with any mastodon instance, but: * Its GUI is not as nice and user-friendly than other apps; * A few standard features are still missing: […]


PGPAuth Send PGP-verified requests This app sends GPG-verified requests over the internet to a given server. Currently there are the actions open and close, but request-type will be configurable. The request also includes a timestamp to verify the request is sent by the owner of the gpg-key and is not sent again by someone else. […]

Just Craigslist

Just Craigslist Search posts on Craigslist Search Craigslist and save on bandwidth at the same time. The search is only text, which presents you with a list of your search criteria. Then, when you select a posting that you wish to see, it will be displayed as normal in a special web view window. With […]

MTA Fare Buster

MTA Fare Buster Calculate NYC MTA metrocard prices Calculate needed amount for your travels using NYC MTA: No more leaving change on your Metrocard! Based on research by I Quant NY. License:MIT License Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Wifi Remote Play

Wifi Remote Play Media remote control Wifi Remote Play is a remote control app for the video players Media Player Classic (MPC) and VideoLan Client (VLC), allowing you to control it over a Wi-Fi network. Features: * Remote control for: Play, pause, skip forwards/backwards through a track, jump to any point in the track, and […]

Blue Minimal

Blue Minimal Minimalistic CM12+ theme A Material Design inspired theme for Lollipop aiming to provide a consistent and minimalistic look to your device. It is based on several other CM12 themes. A device running the Cyanogenmod 12 ROM or any other rom compatible with the CM12 theme engine is needed to use the theme. Screenshots […]

USB Device Info

USB Device Info List USB Devices Allows you to list all attached (host mode) USB devices. Information includes: * The Device class * The USB device path * The Vendor ID (VID) and the Product ID (PID) * A List of all interfaces and their endpoints If you download the accompanying databases, the application will […]

Android Token

Android Token OATH software tokens Turning a mobile phone into a One Time Password (OTP) generation device which can be used in the place of hardware tokens. Support for provisioning tokens using the KeyUriFormat and QR codes as well as manual creation. Can optionally be protected with a PIN to stop unauthorised access to the […]

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