minedmonero Copanion app for monero miners on supported pools This app is written for monero miners participating in a supported pool. You can use it to track how much you’ve mined, how much has been paid out and how much is still due, both in XMR and a fiat currency of choice. License:GNU General Public […]


SoundWaves Manage and listen to podcasts Manage, fetch and listen to podcasts. ”’Features:”’ * Material UI:: Utilizing a fast and modern UI * Audio engine: Variable speed, silence trimming etc. * Web Player: Continue to listen to your podcasts in your browser on your desktop computer. * Synchronization: Synchronize your players with other devices. * […]


TriesteinBus Arrival times for Trieste public transport This app is useful for finding waiting times for the bus stops in Trieste (Italy). It is in heavy development, and this first build is an alpha release. At the moment the only thing it can do is finding the arrival times by the bus stop id. Unfortunately, […]

Protect Baby Monitor

Protect Baby Monitor Baby Monitor Protect Baby Monitor allows two Android devices to act as a baby monitor. The first device, left in the room with the baby, will advertise itself on the network and stream audio to a connected client. The second device, with the parent, will connect to the monitoring device and receive […]


PhotoPhase Tiled images wallpaper Live wallpaper that takes a selection of images and tiles a few of them, applying transitions and effects. There is an OpenGL issue with one type of chipset in v1.0.6 that can cause the system to crash and the only fix is to uninstall the app. Note that Android has a […]

Kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor Manage kernel parameters Tweak and monitor kernel parameters. Depending on the device and kernel used, this includes: * CPU (Frequency, Governor) * I/O Scheduler * Kernel Samepage Merging * Low Memory Killer (Minfree settings) * Virtual Memory * Flash/Backup * Build prop Editor * Recovery (Flash, Wipe) * Init.d editor * Saving Profiles […]

Overchan (fork)

Overchan (fork) Browse multiple imageboards Mobile application for browsing imageboards. Supports 4chan, krautchan, 8chan, iichan.hk, dobrochan, 2ch (russian dvach) and some others. Some features: * Separate preferences for each imageboard: password for post deletion, HTTP/SSL, proxy * Automatic hide posts and threads using regular expressions * Automatic update all open tabs in background * Sending […]


Eve-control Control eVenement instances Control tickets with an existing e-venement instance. When launched, the user is prompted to enter the host name as well as his login credentials wich will be stored for future authentifications. Once the form submitted, the app will connect to the instance’s server and display the access control page (tck.php/ticket/control), and […]


pixelflood Pixelflut server A fast, asynchronous implementation of Pixelflut. Pixelflut is a text-based protocol. With its PX command, a single pixel can be set on a buffer. This app opens the TCP server on port 1234 and displays the buffer full screen. License:GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata […]


WPGen Wallpaper generator New in version 1.3.4 * Switched to adaptive launcher icon * Enabled Google backup Android app which can generate solid color, diagonal gradient or plasma effect static multicolor wallpapers. You can choose from a number of pre-defined colors or add your own. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Issue Tracker Source […]


OneTimePass Two-factor (TOTP) authentication OneTimePass is a clean and robust two-factor TOTP application and supports the following features: * Supports opening otpauth:// URLs * Scan QR codes to create new accounts easily * View QR codes to export existing accounts * Searchable, sortable listing of accounts * Manual entry account creation * Import/Export for backup […]


LinCal Surprise friends with notifications “LinCal” is short for “Link Calendar” and allows to show links or small messages at predefined points in time, in the form of notifications. If the message is a link, it can be opened by clicking the notification. Calendars are created as a text file using a simple format and […]

Velocity Calculator

Velocity Calculator Calculate the speed of an object in a video ”’NOTE:”’ This app is no longer maintained, its repo was archived. Calculates the speed of an object in a video. It needs to get calibrated once before you can use it. The video must follow the following terms: * It should not be shorter […]

Simple Weather

Simple Weather Get weather information Get all weather information you want at a glance. The app uses Open Weather Map as weather provider that might require a user provided API key. Features: * View Current Temperature, Minimum and Maximum Temperature * View Wind Speed and Direction * View Humidity and Pressure * View Sunrise and […]

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