Forro Lyrics

Forro Lyrics Offline database of Forró lyrics New in version 1.3.1 v1.3.1 (18) Added new lyrics to database 07.02.2020 Updated to API 29 (Q) and androidx ForróLyrics was created to help people like me to understand the portuguese lyrics in forró songs. And to sing along :). Functions: * Search for lyrics by artist or […]

SuperUStats Usage stats viewer

SuperUStats Usage stats viewer View Android “usage stats” (statistics about what apps you are using how often). New in version 1.2 Hide apps with 0 min usage Edit description SuperUStats is a very simple app that can view Android “usage stats” (statistics about what apps you are using how often). Using this app is a […]

A Time Tracker

A Time Tracker Easily start/stop time tracking for activities. Easily start/stop time tracking for activities. Offers summary report view and export. License:GNU General Public License v2.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


T-UI Terminal based launcher Launcher, which emulates a unix-like shell and its terminal interface, that is adpated for the use on mobile devices. It also implements a lot of commands. Installed application can be launched simply by typing their name. T-UI uses the CompareString library, so it will know what you’re meaning although you made […]

Chord Reader

Chord Reader Search for, display, transpose and save chords on your phone This simple app allows you to search the web for tabs and chords and capture them for display in the app with the ability to store the chords for offline usage and transpose them to fit your voice. Anti-Features This app has features […]

Car Report

Car Report Track your car costs Get an idea of how much your car costs. Simply enter the costs after refueling and get nice reports. These are: # Fuel consumption # Fuel price # Mileage # Average costs of the car per day, month and year Additional features: * Simple calculations like “how much will […]


Status An overlay-based statusbar replacement Status is a status bar replacement that draws an overlay on top of the system-generated status bar. This means that the actual status bar is only hidden under the replacement; touch gestures are not overridden, and the standard notification panel is still shown. Author: James Fenn License:Apache License 2.0 Issue […]

Repeat Me

Repeat Me Schedule custom, interval based reminders ”Repeat Me” is the cleanest, fastest, and most customize-able way to schedule notifications on your phone. With no ads or any questionable permissions, Repeat Me is the lightest and safest way to keep track of everything you need to do in your life. License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker […]


SQLiteViewer A simple SQLite database viewer SQLiteViewer allows to view and export as csv SQLite databases used by android apps or any SQLite databases with ease and simplicity. ”’Features:”’ * Open any SQLite database using the built in file browser * Open database of any app from the root filesystem (Requires root) * Export SQLite […]

ReoTwé Twitter Client

ReoTwé Twitter Client minimalistic microblogging client for twitter ”’Note:”’ This app is no longer maintained, its repo was archived. The App is a very low level twitter client. You have to generate your OWN Twitter API Key and Secret or THIS APP WILL NOT WORK. ”’Features”’ * ad-free * fast and efficient * no write […]

Bépo clavier externe

Bépo clavier externe bépo pour clavier externe Bépo clavier externe est une application qui ajoute le support du bépo pour les claviers externes USB ou bluetooth. L’application est compatible à partir d’Android 4.1, pour claviers externes (USB ou bluetooth) uniquement. Certaines surcouches Android modifient le support des claviers externes. C’est les cas sur ces appareils […]


Stop-o-Moto Make gif and video files by taking single pictures This simple app creates videos (MP4) and GIF files from several camera shots and stores them under ”Documents/de.digisocken.stop-o-moto/” on your device. Stop-o-Moto uses the open ffmpegAndroid lib to create compatible video files. License:The Unlicense Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Pixel Artist

Pixel Artist Create pixel art on a 16 x 16 grid screen Give you a pixel grid which you can color any way you like. Allows you to create, save, open and export your pixel art. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


CosyDVR Video recording (DVR) software for in-car use DVR software kit designed for in-car use: * Works in background as a service * Works even when the keyboard is locked * Autostart recording after program launch * Autoremove old files * FLASH button for night recordings (if device supports) * GPS data is recorded into […]

Tinte Webcoms

Tinte Webcoms Reader for selected webcomics ”Webcom Reader” allows you to pick webcomics from supported titles and add them to your library. Marks read, download them to read offline. List of working webcoms: * xkcd * Lunarbaboon * Cyanide & Happiness List of planned webcoms: * Dilbert * Pepper & Carrot License:GNU General Public License […]


Monochromatic Enable the built-in black and white mode New in version 0.8.1 Version 0.8.1: – NEW FEATURE! – Whitelist apps to bypass grey scale, take photos in color whilst your phone is in grey scale mode! This app makes use of the built-in black and white device feature to provide a blue-light filtered screen without […]

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