Zim Launcher

Zim Launcher Powerful launcher with smart features to make your device easy to use Open Source and free Launcher for Android based on ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah and com.benny.openlauncher. ”’Main Features”’ Desktop: * Row and Columns config * Three indicator Style mode * Minibar support with custom color configuration Dock: * Two rows support * Background Size App […]

Wookey Wallet

Wookey Wallet WooKey is an open-source, privacy focused, multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. It is designed to be the best cryptocurrency wallet app by providing the best possible experience for users: • Less Privacy Collection Doesn’t collect and retain personal information unless it’s integral to our product or service • More Privacy Coins Supports privacy coins including […]


BlitzMail Share content and notes via email BlitzMail is an Android app that allows you to set up your email account once and then use it to send emails or short notes to an address of your choice. This comes in handy when you need to send a lot of things via email, because you […]


SUSI.AI Susi AI is an intelligent personal assistant Susi AI is an intelligent Open Source personal assistant. It is fully customizable and developed by a community of developers. It is capable of chat and voice interaction by using APIS to perform actions such as music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, […]


lWS QR lightweight Web Server QR code generator plugin This app is designed as a QR Code plugin for net.basov.lws.fdroid. It can also be used standalone as a small and simple QR code generator. lWS QR can be easily integrated with your application. See source code for details. Author: Mikhail Basov License:MIT License Issue Tracker […]


WarmShowers A Community of Bicycle Tourists and Those Who Support Them The Warm Showers Community is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink. All […]

Finance Manager

Finance Manager App that helps you keep track of your finances The privacy friendly Finance Manager helps you keep track of your income and expenses. The app offers the following features: ”’New transactions”’ You can create new expenses by clicking on the Plus-Button in the bottom right corner in the main view. Now you can […]

Intent Intercept

Intent Intercept Dev tool to view inter-app communication New in version 3.0.2 * intercept action com.android.camera.action.CROP This app attempts to intercept as many intents as possible in order to examine their contents. This helps when trying to develop an app that reacts to a particular intent. Some details of the intent can now be edited […]


lWS lightweight Web Server (lWS) ”’It is …”’ * … a Web Server for static content. * … lightweight. APK size less then 100 Kb. * … as simple as possible. Only essential features implemented. * … open. Source code released under GPL-3.0. * … a personal solution. It is not optimized/tested for many parallel […]


UnicodePad Input every character in Unicode ”UnicodePad” lets you input every character in Unicode. And input string can be copied to the clipboard or input directly by Mushroom. You can find out where selected character is in list. By long clicking, larger character and code point will be shown. Favorite characters can be memorized. If […]


Ministocks Stock price widget Ministocks uses finance data sourced from Yahoo Finance, and recognises the same symbols. The Ministocks stocks widget has the following features: * Four widget sizes available * Add unlimited widgets * Stock symbol search * Price change – daily and against buy price * Profit and loss – current valuation and […]

Starke Verben

Starke Verben Learn the German strong verbs New in version 4.0 – FRESH NEW INTERFACE! = Add translations Learn the German irregular verbs, test yourself, follow your progress! This application does not require any Internet connexion. The translation for the verbs is available in several languages. If your language is not listed, you can add […]

Pixiv for Muzei

Pixiv for Muzei Muzei art source extension for Pixiv Enjoy kawaii artworks of Pixiv through Muzei! ”’Disclaimer: It’s not a part of official products of Pixiv.”’ Muzei art source extension for Pixiv. This extension for Roman Nurik’s net.nurik.roman.muzei Live Wallpaper* app uses some unofficial APIs from Pixiv to fetch random artworks. This is not a […]

GApps Browser

GApps Browser Sandbox for web apps This app started out as a way to view Google News on the author’s phone but now encompasses Google+, Google Maps etc. The idea is to be able to access the Google web apps without having to log into Google on your browser, so that you can browse privately. […]

Darkness Immunity

Darkness Immunity Darkness Immunity Digital Amulet Darkness Immunity Digital Amulet. Works like a charm! Works even when phone is turned off (since values are still presents in current physical reality of phone memory module, you just can’t see them when phone has no power). DON’T PANIC! You can handle it all. It just a dream. […]


OpenTrail OSM-based England and Wales walking app OpenStreetMap-based Android app for UK walkers and other countryside users, highlighting rights of way and showing contours from OS OpenData. Allows both online and offline use. In addition to navigation, walkers may share and download footpath issues (blockages, directions etc) and walking routes. Antifeatures: * NonFreeNet: The map […]


Atomize PNG image compression with notably file size shrinking Atomize can shrink the file size of an image significantly, often by as much as 70%, and maintains an image’s transparency with little to no loss in quality. Atomize uses pngquant as its backend, and is fully opensource. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker […]

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