Private Location

Private Location Keep your phone location private New in version 1.2 – Stop service correctly to fix memory leak & reduce code – Option to randomize location every x minutes added – App widget implemented – RU (@0ndrey), ES (@sguinetti), IT (@Lion-box), pt-rBR (@iramaro) translations added – pt-Rbr (@Andre-Gloria) typos corrected – Intro activity added […]

Calculator Notification

Calculator Notification Move your Calculator into the notification drawer How many times did you want to use calculator without suspending the app that you are currently using? Now it’s possible with Calculator application in the notification area. The app is very minimalistic, but it includes all the essential functionality, including copying and pasting data. Design […]

Mobile Pauker ++

Mobile Pauker ++ Learn intuitively with flash cards and synchronize your lesson with Dropbox This app is based on the PC-Version Pauker and the Pauker. It was part of my Master Thesis to update the Pocket Pauker and make it more intuitive to use. Also to update it to the current Android version. You can […]

Essential Launcher

Essential Launcher A very small launcher with all essential functionality Essential Launcher is a very small launcher offering most basic functionality. It is easy on disk usage, memory and CPU usage. You can choose a widget, pin apps to the dock, or show all apps in the app drawer. It is accessibility ready and also […]


Logcat Android Logcat without Root Read Android logs without root access. The app uses remote debugging to connect to phone local ADB daemon. Configuring remote debugging on a phone can be challenging and requires some technical expertise. It has to be done once and after each device reboot. Enable USB debugging first on your device. […]

S60 Icon Pack

S60 Icon Pack Nokia Series60 Icon Pack Icon pack for Android inspired by Series60 Nokia Platform. Nostalgize your device! AntiFeatures: NonFreeNet – connects to Github for wallpapers Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! This app promotes non-free network services License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build […]


Termux:Boot Add-on for Termux allowing programs to be run at boot This plugin for com.termux allows programs to be run at boot. Instructions: * Start the Termux:Boot app once by clicking on its launcher icon. * This allow the app to be run at boot. * Create the ~/.termux/boot/ directory. * Put scripts you want […]


Block6 Block6 is an SMS app that makes it easy to block messages from numbers you don’t Block6 is an SMS app that makes it easy to block numbers. It provides a simple interface with few options, and no ads, in contrast to many of the other SMS apps available. Block6 is intended mainly for […]

Simple Scrobbler

Simple Scrobbler Scrobbler Scrobbling means submitting listening information to and/or; you can then get music recommendations and view your listening history and statistics. Most media players will work. Older android versions pre-Lollipop, the media player that you use must be able to work with the API e.g. org.kreed.vanilla or Apps can […]

Private Lock

Private Lock Lock your phone from its movement force New in version 1.2 – Fix for background service – Add option for haptic feedback (vibration) on lock trigger – Reworked animation logic – Fix ‘License’ and ‘Bug report’ links on about page A simple app to automatically lock your phone based on movement force, or […]

Screenshot Assistant

Screenshot Assistant An assistant app for creating, cropping and sharing screenshots New in version 2.0.1 – 💾 Save editor state accross configuration changes – 🈂️ Add translation to settings – 💥 Fix broken About-Activity Screenshot assistant is a replacement for Google Assistant with the sole purpose of taking, cropping and sharing a screenshot. 👉 Setup […]

BLE Peripheral Simulator

BLE Peripheral Simulator Try out Web Bluetooth without the need for a BLE Peripheral Device A developer can use the app to simulate a BLE Peripheral with one of three services: * Battery Service * Heart Rate Service * Health Thermometer Service The developer can use the new Web Bluetooth features to connect to the […]

Camp 2019

Camp 2019 Schedule app for the Chaos Communication Camp 2019 The Chaos Communication Camp is a five-days conference on technology, society and utopia which takes place every four years. The Camp offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude […]


DetermApp use determination keys easily DetermApp allows you to use identification keys*, streamed from the web or from local files. Additionally, the DetermApp tools (currently only available in german) allow creating identification keys at a PC (Windows or Linux). It is possible to send identification keys to this Apps from the DetermApp tools using your […]

Ripple: respond when panicking

Ripple: respond when panicking Trigger apps to protect your privacy when in anxious or panic situations New in version 0.2.5 * Fixed overlapping text on countdown screen * New languages: Portuguese, Swedish Ripple is a “panic button” that can send it’s trigger message to any app that is a “panic responder”. Such apps can do […]


Spartathlon View info about the Spartathlon foot race New in version 0.8.2 [CHANGED] * Lightened dark theme ever so slightly (aligns with Material Design guidelines) [FIXED] * Crash on text selection on iOS on non-English languages * Results screen not centered on tablets This app aims to help athletes, supporters and volunteers during the ultra […]


FragDenStaat Navigate FragDenStaat This app is for, a platform to simplify the process of sending and managing FOI requests to German public bodies. The app should include the basic functionalities of the website such as browsing through requests, searching, and creating new requests. License:MIT License Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

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