Trime Chinese IME with Rime Input Method Engine License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info Donate […]


eduroamCAT eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool ”EduroamCAT” is an eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool corresponding to website ”EduroamCAT” allows users to configure their device for eduroam wireless networks. This tool requires a configuration file from your home institution in order acquire the configuration settings needed. These can also be discovered by the tool, if the institution […]

Librem Social (Beta)

Librem Social (Beta) Early (Beta) client for Smilodon with consensual workflows and anti-abuse tools * This is a very early beta version with missing functionality (WIP) * Client app for Smilodon, a federated social network * Post messages, images, and videos * Follow your friends * Search for hashtags * Consensual workflows * Anti-abuse tools […]


MensaPlan Information for canteens at KIT, HS Pforzheim, etc ”MensaPlan” versorgt Dich mit den Speiseplänen Deiner Kantine: * Mensa Hochschule Pforzheim * Mensa am Adenauer Ring * Mensa Molkestraße * Mensa Erzbergerstraße * Mensa Schloss Gottesaue * Mensa I Holzgarten (Stuttgart) Neben der Auflistung der Gerichte und ihrer Preise ist es auch möglich, selbige auf […]

Vanilla Lyrics Search

Vanilla Lyrics Search Vanilla Music player Lyrics Search plugin This app is a plugin. Prior to use it you should have installed. Once both player and this plugin are installed, request a context menu from library screen, select “Plugins” and “Lyrics search” afterwards. Note that this plugin requires internet connection to be useful. For […]

Pitch Pipe

Pitch Pipe Provide a pitch reference for musicians A simple and usable chromatic pitch pipe to provide a pitch reference for musicians. The pitch reference for A4 is tunable between 400Hz and 470Hz. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


Piwigo Access photos in your Piwigo photo gallery. New in version 1.0.2 Piwigo-Android 1.0 is finally here, and it has plenty of new features: – Added a full-screen photoviewer – Update design elements – Support creation of albums – Made the login form easier to use, and fixed some crashes – Some major and minor […]

My Notes – Take notes anywhere

My Notes – Take notes anywhere Very simple note-taking ”My Notes” allows you to take text notes on your Android phone. You can take & view your notes anytime and anywhere as the application works offline. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Dozenal Clock

Dozenal Clock A dozenal (duodecimal, or base-twelve) clock and homescreen/lockscreen widget. A dozenal (duodecimal, or base-twelve) clock and homescreen/lockscreen widget. Uses “X” for “ten” and “E” for “eleven.” The app itself is full-screen and keeps time in four-digit Tims (that’s 1×10^-4 hours), with the Tims separated from the whole hours by a semicolon (“;”). The […]

Nomad – Hubzilla for Android

Nomad – Hubzilla for Android Client for the Hubzilla social network Nomad is a client for the community-run, distributed social network Hubzilla. Started as a fork of the Dandelion* app. It adds useful features to your networking experience: ⚡ Quick access to most Hubzilla features 👉 Share content to and from the app 🌎 Proxy […]

SDB Viewer

SDB Viewer View song lyrics, a translation of it and guitar chords This app can display the data produced and managed by Song Database if the file is accessible via URL (web address). It cannot be used for anything else, so if you don’t use Song Database, this app isn’t meant for you! You can […]

Librem Chat

Librem Chat * Chat in public and private rooms * Share images, videos, and files * Make voice and video calls * Keep your conversations secret with end-to-end encryption * Fork of Riot-Android: ”’AntiFeatures:”’ * NonFreeNet – Currently the integration server is not configurable in this client and linked to the non-free New Vector […]

PSLab Android App

PSLab Android App Pocket Science Lab Android interface for PSLab hardware PSLab is a tiny pocket science lab that provides an array of equipments for doing science and engineering experiments. It can function like an – Oscilloscope – Multimeter – Logic Analyzer – Waveform generator – Frequency counter – Programmable voltage and current source – […]


BlitzTypeKeyboard Android custom keyboard with special keys for the WOT Blitz game. Custom keys fo Android custom keyboard with special keys for the WOT Blitz game: – QWERTZ layout – No shift (lowercase only) – dedicated WG logo key – Custom keys for most common commands – Commands like left/right/meds/heavies/push… – No n00b or profanity […]

Siteswap Generator

Siteswap Generator Generate juggling siteswaps for passing The Siteswap Generator is designed for passing Siteswap generation and analysis. The following features are supported: * Find all possible Siteswaps for a given period length and number of objects * Easy filtering of zips, zaps and holds via check boxes * Automatic filtering of non-passable patterns * […]

YouTube Stream

YouTube Stream Get YouTube Stream and open it with local application Share a YouTube video with this application or use the clipboard, the application then get the stream and open it with local application, VLC is a compatible local application. The video is then handle by the local application which can allow to put in […]

Default Dark Theme

Default Dark Theme A dark Substratum theme targeting Android 7 & 8 ”’IMPORTANT:”’ You need the Substratum theming platform working on your device! Read the inbuilt information before reporting any issues! Theme for Substratum, originally based on the default AOSP dark material colors; then extended to provide more variants to allow configuration according to the […]

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