Travel Mate

Travel Mate A complete travel guide Travel Mate is a must-have app for those interested in travel. The app provides users with various features from choosing the correct destination for making all the bookings and to easily organizing the trip. Key features: * Checkout various destinations to travel * Get weather, travel, transport, hotel information […]

GPSd Forwarder

GPSd Forwarder Service to forward NMEA messages to a GPSd server This application forwards NMEA data from your phone’s GPS to a specified host. It’s goal is to easily plug and feed data into a GPS server service (e.g. GPSd), using your cellphone as a GPS device. This way, your cellphone can be used as […]


Controlloid Turn your phone into a real game controller for PCs New in version 1.2.0 * Faster app startup and overall faster app plus smaller footprint * A redesigned and more intuitive layout editor * Better instructions on home screen Controlloid is a small open source application that turns your phone into a real game […]


MusicPiped Materialistic music player that streams music from YouTube MusicPiped is a full-featured music player that streams from YouTube instead of playing local files. You can stream any music available on YouTube for free. At core this app uses NewPipeExtractor to get streams from YouTube hence can play almost any YouTube stream. Features an inbuilt […]

DNG Processor

DNG Processor Process DNG images into JPEGs ”DNG Processor” waits for new RAW images captured using the OEM camera app, or any other camera app that can capture RAWs, and then processes them into JPEGs in the background. It does this by using the power of your phone’s GPU for up to a few seconds. […]


HomeBot Remap the home button long press HomeBot enables you to remap the home button long press on you smartphone. You can set the following: * Opening an app * Opening a web page * Toggling the flashlight * Opening the recent apps screen * Toggling brightness The app doesn’t need root but has to […]

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet Store digital currency Have your Bitcoins always with you, in your pocket! You pay by quickly scanning a QR code. As a merchant, you receive payments reliably and instantly. Bitcoin Wallet is the first mobile Bitcoin app, and arguably also the most secure! * No registration, web service or cloud needed! This wallet […]


WifiAutOff Turns off the WIFI based on scan result Accidentally enabled WIFI eats battery. It also facilitates tracking. This app helps to reduce this by turning off WIFI. By default the app only listen to WIFI changes. You need to enable the app (checkbox) to activate the turn off WIFI feature. If want to connect […]


SimpleStatsWidget Displays simple statistics on phone calls and sms Displays simple count statistics on sms and calls as widget. It shows your outgoing sms and outgoing call minutes per month in an widget on your home screen or lock screen. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


DataStats View bandwith usage Simple bandwidth consumption viewer with configurable polling options. Author: Panecraft, Inc. License:Apache License 2.0 Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


SafePrice check SafeCoin price from notification bar Checking the SafeCoin price has never been so easy! You just have a look at the notification bar and click “Update” to fetch the last data.   Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! This app promotes non-free network services License:MIT License Website Issue […]

My Position

My Position Share your location Share your location, easily and lightly. Supports plain coordinates, geo:-URI, OpenStreetMap- and GoogleMaps-Links. Author: GDR! License:GNU General Public License v2.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


Lightning Lightweight web browser Lightweight web browser with following features: * Fast Start Times * Small Footprint * Smooth Scrolling * Long-press a tab to delete it * Long-press the back button to exit the browser * Ad blocker The old, archived version was known as acr.browser.barebones. Author: Anthony Restaino License:Mozilla Public License 2.0 Website […]

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