BRouter Get elevation-aware cycling directions Sophisticated routing engine for offline cycling directions. Works as a selectable navigation service within a mapping application like Check out the website for a full description of features. Author: Dr. Arndt Brenschede License:MIT License Website Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]

drip. menstrual cycle and fertility tracking

drip. menstrual cycle and fertility tracking Menstrual cycle tracking helps you understand your cycle data and gives you insi Key Features • Track your bleeding, fertility, sex, mood, pain, and more if you want • Graphs to analyze cycle and period duration as well as other symptoms • Get notified about your next period and required temperature measurements […]


PReVo Esperanto dictionary PReVo is a portable version of Reta Vortaro (the free and libre Esperanto dictionary) for Android. It’s usable without Internet access and is quickly searched with the keyboard. Author: Neil Roberts License:GNU General Public License v2.0 only Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


Hauk Self-hosted real-time location sharing New in version 1.6.1 This update adds more languages to Hauk and fixes layout issues that were present in some languages, such as French and Dutch. A handful of minor issues are also fixed. For the full changelog, please see Hauk lets you share your location in real-time with […]

Congress Fahrplan

Congress Fahrplan Overview of all talks of the Chaos Communication Congress New in version 1.0.15 * Improved feedback when calendar sync is done Overview of all talks of the Chaos Communication Congress Uses everything.schedule.json or schedule.json Lightning fast, written in Flutter, 100% OSS Focused on simplicity, prepared to be used with TalkBack for accessibility Developed […]

#FFF Info

#FFF Info Get all information about your climate strike #FFF Info offers up to date information about climate strikes and the global #FridaysForFuture movement. * List strikes close to you * Generate excuses for your teachers using LaTeX * Find impressive photos Supports both GlobalClimateStrike and FridaysForFuture Germany(, Belgium, France, etc.) themes License:European Union Public […] Simple and maintainable Android e-mail client Proof of concept e-mail (JMAP) client (pronounced “Letters”). Makes heavy use of Android Jetpack to be more maintainable than some of the other Android e-mail clients. Features, and design considerations: * Heavily cached, but not fully offline capable. makes use of JMAP’s great caching capabilities. However, marking […]

Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar Creates birthday events from all other calendar’s data Get a birthday calendar for all your social networks right inside Google Calendar. Supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Skype and all other apps which sync contacts with your Android device. Enable reminder alarms and decide which contacts you want to see. You’ll get notifications for all […]


AsciiCam Replace pixels with text NOTE: AsciiCam is no longer under active development. Its successor is Vector Camera, which has all of AsciiCam’s features. AsciiCam generates images in real time from whatever your camera is pointing at, either in greyscale, in the primary colors or in full color. Instead of a normal image made of […]


Ad-Free AdBlocker for Spotify New in version 2.2 v2.2/36, 2020-03-14: – add troubleshooting steps (#54) v2.1/35, 2020-02-29: – show in-app update message if new version released – new git tags are prefixed with v v2.0/34, 2020-02-10: – add option to choose which detectors are active (#50) – add option to delay unmute for a few […]

Wrong PIN Shutdown

Wrong PIN Shutdown Shutdown device on wrong PIN New in version 12 ## 12 * Show a warning if the device is not rooted. This simple app monitors the number of failed login attempts. If a certain number of attempts is exceeded, the device is automatically shut down. This app only works on a rooted […]


SatPredict An offline satellite tracking app A satellite tracking app which tracks satellites based on their TLE (Two Lines Element Set). This app is still pretty new, so some features may not be fully implemented yet. Planned additions : – Live location updates – Widget – Multiple satellites tracking at once – Passes prediction and […]


Calculator++ Scientific calculator with sleek interface and powerful capabilities Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-use calculator? Do you want to solve both simple and complex problems? Try Calculator++, a multipurpose calculator app with slick and intuitive user interface! ★ Save your time! * Access additional features from the main screen of the app […]

Git Quick Reference

Git Quick Reference Offline git quick reference application Git quick reference application for android. Showing “git cheat sheet” on the go. It work without internet connection. Currently it does not requires any permissions. Note that, this application is not trying to be git complete reference. For complete documentation, detailed explaination, and other resources, please visit […]


Duorem Wake up or shutdown remote computer from your phone/tablet. The idea behind this app is to provide people who are not very familiar with computer interfaces a simple and easy way to control a remote computer. Imagine your grand parent needs a way to power a media server. Quick and efficiently! The application uses […]

Heb12 Bible

Heb12 Bible make reading God’s word easy and hassle-free Heb12 Mobile is an open-sourced app designed to make God’s word accessible for all platforms. The app currently features 5+ translations, highlighting, bookmarking, the verse of the day, and more. Brought to you by the Heb12 Team. You can find the Github repository here: � […]

A Photo Manager

A Photo Manager Manage local photos: Find/Copy/Edit-Exif and show in Gallery or Map. New in version * #168: Bugfix crash in “incremental backup to zip-file” * translation updates nl, ru, zh-CN * APhotoManager is not Android-10 (api-29) ready yet. Features: * Fast find photos by tags(keywords), (sub-)folder, date, geo , title, … * Display […]

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