Birthday Buddy

Birthday Buddy Birthday Buddy Minimalistic app to remember your friend’s birthdays and anniversaries BirthdayBuddy is a simple, material design orientated app to help you remember birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Information about the age of a person and how many days remain until the birthday are clearly presented. You don’t need an extra account, […]

OpenStud for InfoStud

OpenStud for InfoStud Unofficial client for Sapienza University’s InfoStud OpenStud is a native, opensource and unofficial client for Sapienza University’s InfoStud. The app implements all the features for managing your student account while at the same time providing an appealing UI.In particular, it allows to: * Manage your profile. * Manage exam reservations. * See […]

Private DNS Quick Tile

Private DNS Quick Tile Quickly toggle and configure Private DNS on Android 9.0+ Adds a Private DNS quick tile to the Android Quick Settings. In order to change the Private DNS settings, this app requires the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission. This permission can only be granted in an ADB shell with the command “pm grant com.jpwolfso.privdnsqt android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS” […]

OI Shopping List

OI Shopping List Keep track of your shopping items OI Shopping List is a powerful application which makes it easy to create and manage checklists. OI Shopping List makes it easy to add items to a list, check the item off, and remove it from the list. The application can track separate prices for each […]

Crescent Cash

Crescent Cash Send coins to a Cash Account or Bitcoin Cash address with Crescent Cash Send coins to a Cash Account ( or Bitcoin Cash address with Crescent Cash. Simple. Secure. Trustless. Crescent combines the simplicity of traditional, centralized money apps with the security of trustless Bitcoin wallets. Crescent Cash is a non-custodial wallet that […]


Husky Husky is a client for Pleroma and Mastodon social networks New in version 1.0.1 Husky v1.0.1 This is a hotfix for v1.0 release. Changelog: * Fixed any image being resized and converted to JPG. Husky is a lightweight and fast client for Pleroma, Mastodon and other social networks that implement Mastodon API. It has […]

Fruit Radar

Fruit Radar Find edible plants and share them online! Find plants and share them online! You have your phone with you all the time. When you find an edible plant, you like to share with others, you can record location, type and a photo. Later, when you have Internet, you can upload it to the […]

WhatsApp Twitch Stickers

WhatsApp Twitch Stickers Twitch emotes as WhatsApp stickers A sticker pack for WhatsApp comprising of Twitch emotes Includes over 50 emotes such as: * Kappa * monkaS * PogChamp * OMEGALUL * 4Head * LuL * TriHard Note: Certain devices reload the stickers each time WhatsApp is launched. Disabling battery optimization for the app fixes […]

10-bit Clock Widget

10-bit Clock Widget Home screen widget to use 10 binary dots display time New in version 1.8 Added Turkish translations (by Berkay Gündüz) 10-bit Clock Widget uses 10 binary dots and their color to represent current time in 12-hour format. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Website Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Musical Notes

Musical Notes train reading musical notes A simple application to train converting written notes to their names. You see a image of a note and you have to select the correct name. If you selected the wrong name, then the button is disabled and you can guess again. When doing this, you get a (high)score […]


StartFlagExploit Affected Android versions: Android 10 / Android 11 This app is a demonstartion of a new exploit which manipulates the “startActivity” Binder event in a way that lets the ActivityManagerService die. This will also cause all other system services to die. The app allows you to check whether a device is vulnerable to the […]

Hash Droid

Hash Droid Verify file integrity Hash Droid is a free utility to calculate a hash from a given text or from a file stored on the device. In this application, the available hash functions are : Adler-32, CRC-32, Haval-128, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, Tiger and Whirlpool. The calculated hash can […]


Transdroid Manage BitTorrent clients Allows you to manage your torrents. All popular clients are supported: µTorrent, Transmission, rTorrent, Vuze, Deluge, BitTorrent 6, qBittorrent and many more. You can view and manage the running torrents and individual files. Adding is easy via the integrated search, RSS feeds or the barcode scanner. Monitor progress using the home […]


Equate Convert units Unit converting calculator featuring: * clean and fast unit conversions * more than 10 different unit types, including real time currency * over 130 units to convert between * customizable unit buttons * semi-scientific calculator * order of operations * operation history, with recall * smart parenthesis Author: LlamaCorp License:GNU General Public […]


Chairlock Complete onboard permissions explorer & summary New in version 1.7-15 Still lightweight update before AppCompat/androidX/androidTV upgrade (+2.5Mo). # Date: _installation replaced with _lastUpdate + days since first install # Launcher twin icon # Refresh: bug fix with button now active for detailView # apps_Packages Info: * Dynamic androidManifest via LongClick * (Uses-permission INFOs via […]

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