Föhnix The Foehnix weather widget aims at helping pilots with weather conditions * Assessment of Foehn conditions for pilots. * Intended for paraglider and for hangglider pilots. * Displays pressure differences + relevant wind gusts. * Updates every 15 minutes or on request. * Share functionality via text message, emails. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 […]

Call Counter

Call Counter Calling Plan Control: Management of minutes consumed in outgoing calls Call Counter helps control the calling plan contracted on your mobile phone.   The App display the minutes consumed by outgoing calls in the current month (by default) or in a selected billing cycle. Outgoing calls can also be queried on a custom […]


VlcFreemote Remotely control a VLC server Simple & easy to use VLC remote control. Setup VLC to use its HTTP interface and VlcFreemote will automatically detect it. Intuitive interface to play media, manage the play queue, bookmarks, etc. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Issue Tracker Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Everyone’s Timetable

Everyone’s Timetable Looking for a prof’s or friend’s school timetable? Look in here! Everyone’s Timetable is a mini social network for sharing timetables in your school. * Save your own timetable in a school-specific format, so you’ll have easy access to it all the time. * Find timetables for other people in your school. No […]

UnApkm – Convert APKM to APKS

UnApkm – Convert APKM to APKS Decrypt Apk Mirror’s APKM files and save them as APKS New in version 1.3 Do not attempt to convert DRM-free APKM files. If you get the DRM-free message, just rename the APK file to APKS and open it with your favourite APKS installer. Apk Mirror’s APKM is an encrypted […]

Keikai Launcher

Keikai Launcher A fast, minimalistic and lightweight search-based launcher A fast, minimalistic and lightweight search-based launcher. Use it in conjunction with your current launcher as an alternative app drawer to quickly launch your apps. You can also launch the app enabling its permanent notification or by long pressing/swiping up the home button. It is an […]

Mebis (Unofficial)

Mebis (Unofficial) Displays mobile Mebis website. This (unofficial) app displays mobile Mebis websites. You must set link, username and password to use the app. ————————————————- FEATURES ————————————————- • All features of mobile Mebis websites • Automatic login • Own bookmark management • App protection by pin • Small app size (• Gesture navigation • No […]


QuickTiles Android Quick Settings Tiles Current Features: – Media control (play/pause, next, previous, media volume) – Show volume panel – New event/alarm/timer – Make call – Take photo/record video – Open calculator/file manager – Open custom apps – Search settings – Open languages – Open dictionary/privacy – Open VPN/data usage/screen cast/connected devices/about – Set screen […]


RPNcalc A simple, modern calculator that uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). A simple, modern RPN calculator that uses RPN. Reverse Polish Notation is a system where the operators are entered _after_ the operands. For example, rather than 2 + 2, you would enter: 2 2 + The main benefit is a faster, more accurate interface. […]

kDI Device Info system permission

kDI Device Info system permission GSF, Widevine L1/2/3, Treble & A/B device infos (+other IDs) New in version 2.11-22 hotfix (R/30) Treble dynamic linkerconfig … # Upgrade to android 11 (R/30) + Export: clipboard/share/save # Collector: *Camera colorFilter + fix buggy logicalCam *Treble ld.config [Vendor] *System ro.boot section *kDI self targetedSDK # packagesInfos: + foreground […]


Twire Free and open Twitch browser and stream player Twire is an open source, ad free Twitch browser and stream player for Android. You can select multiple themes and also login with your twitch account. You can also follow and unfollow streamers through the app. Please note that the chat is only available if you […]

Frost for Facebook

Frost for Facebook A fast and extensive third party wrapper for Facebook. New in version 3.0.0 v3.0.0 * Removed email support. Please use GitHub for all inquiries as I no longer have time to look through all emails * Added initial support for messenger.com (settings > appearance > main activity tabs) * Fix swipe to […]

Seasonal Foods Calendar

Seasonal Foods Calendar Your practical helpling for seasonal/regional foods! New in version 1.4.7 Version 1.4.7+42: – Fixing a few errors in food names and images – App description and settings menu now indicate that, currently, only data from central Europe is available This App shows you which foods are in Season right now and are […]


dvd 📀 Download videos from anywhere 📀 Video downloader app powered by youtube-dl. 🚀 Features * Download video/audio from 1000+ sites supported by youtube-dl. * Run custom youtube-dl commands. * Update youtube-dl version from settings. * Share link via other apps. 🔗 References * dvd – https://github.com/yausername/dvd * youtubedl-android – https://github.com/yausername/youtubedl-android * youtube-dl – https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl […]


JKU App Provides information for the students of JKU Linz This is an app for the students of JKU Linz that provides most of the data from KUSSS and also information from ÖH and the JKU in general: * synchronize timetable with local or Google Calendar. * access Exams, Grades, Courses. * get notifications for […]


rust-keylock-android A password manager with goals to be Secure, Simple to use, Portable, Extensible New in version 0.13.0 Migrated to async/await.   Update Entries and highlight with meta about leaked password.   Zeroizing sensitive data after usage.   Increased dropbox setup timeout to 10 minutes.   Ability to clean all the synchronization configurations.   Using […]

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