LocalGsmNlpBackend UnifiedNlp location provider (local GSM database) New in version 1.5.2 – Updated Polish translations – Some small fixes https://f-droid.org/packages/com.google.android.gms backend that uses local GSM data to resolve user location. A facility in the setting menu allows you to create a database using data from OpenCellId and/or Location Services CSV files. Alternatively, the on-phone database […]


Seguime Follow where your device goes without being followed by you It stores GPS coordinates and sends them to your Web server so you can see where is the device. * You can build your own server (more privacy). * Send coordinates by Telegram (Bot) and SMS. * Settings from the website. * Control over […]


CineLog Save reviews of movies Search for films with tmdb.org API. Save them to your local database. Add review and rating to watched films. Rate and review films that does not exist in tmdb too. Anti-Features This app has features you may not like. Learn more! This app promotes non-free network services License:GNU General Public […]


Snikket Snikket is an easy-to-use and privacy-friendly messaging app New in version 2.9.7+fcr More audio/video call enhancements! * The button to start a call is now shown more consistently, this should especially help with calling people using iOS apps (including the Snikket beta app). * Pressing the back key no longer interrupts a call, so […]


SshDaemon Simpe ssh/sftp server without root. Transfer files to/from your home in a secure well proven way using the ssh/sftp subsystem. You will need a client like WinSCP or Filezilla on your desktop machine. Features: * No root required * based on the Apache Mina project * very fast transfer rates. Author: Tibor Tarnai License:GNU […]

PilferShush Jammer

PilferShush Jammer Block unwanted use of onboard microphone Features a ”’passive jammer”’ technique that engages the microphone thereby blocking other apps from using it. But does NOT listen to or record any of the audio from the microphone. It uses 0% CPU and no noticeable battery use. However is not intended to be left on […]


Photok Encrypt your photos on your device and keep them safe from others. Photok is a free Photo-Safe. It stores your photos encrypted on your device and hides them from others. It uses technologies like, AES-256 encryption standard or bcrypt, to keep your photos secure. Photok is completely free, open source, and contains no ads. […]


OCReader Reader for Nextcloud news OCReader is a feed reader for Nextcloud News, just login with your ownCloud/Nextcloud credentials and you can start reading your feeds. It features a simple but colorful interface. Author: Daniel Schaal License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later Website Issue Tracker Source Code Changelog Build Metadata Technical info […]


SimpleSSHD Easy to use SSH server SimpleSSHD is a SSH server Android app, based on Dropbear, written by Greg Alexander. It allows user access (user ssh) or full root access (by setting the login shell to /system/xbin/su) (if root is allowed). License:GNU General Public License v2.0 only Website Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]

Secur: Cross-platform 2FA client

Secur: Cross-platform 2FA client A beautiful, cross-platform 2FA TOTP client written in Flutter Secur is a beautiful and Secure TOTP client app for 2FA, written in Flutter. All of your TOTP secrets are stored and encrypted on-device with strong AES256 encryption. Support for being able to sync secrets to the cloud is planned and will […]

3D Model Viewer

3D Model Viewer Load 3D Models and see how to do it Load 3D models and see how to do it with this open source code application. Features: * Supports >= Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) – Min API Level 14 -> Target API Level 28 * OpenGL ES 2.0 API * Formats: OBJ (wavefront), […]

Book Reader

Book Reader Simple book reader Book reader with a simple UI. Based on org.geometerplus.zlibrary.ui.android. Supported formats: fb2, html, txt, epub, mobi, rtf, doc, pdf, djvu. All the best in this world is free! License:GNU General Public License v3.0 only Issue Tracker Translation Source Code Build Metadata Technical info […]


BetterCounter BetterCounter A simple, multi-purpose counter app A multi-purpose counter app * Track good and bad habits (eg: exercising, smoking, drinking…) * Track when’s the last time you did something (eg: water your plants, change your bedsheets, poop…) * Count your lives in MtG Features: * Records the date of each individual counter increase, so […]

Thorium an unofficial PeerTube client

Thorium an unofficial PeerTube client a PeerTube player New in version 1.4.0 # 1.4.0 (2021-02-20) ### Bug Fixes * Crashing of devices sdk 21,22,23,24 on start, fixes [#262](https://git.techdroid.com/sschueller/peertube/issues/262) 5622b76 ### Features * add global playback speed setting fa79b2d Thorium is a PeerTube client that can connect to any peertube server running version v1.1.0-alpha.2 or higher. […]

Survival Manual

Survival Manual Learn how to survive Survival Manual based on the Army Field Manual 21-76 – fully working offline. It contains info on how to make fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in a case of emergency. But it does not have to be used in emergency situations only – […]


NLWeer Dutch weather and rain radar app New in version 1.9.0 – Add two new optional KNMI maps: rain (without temperature) and windchill NLWeer is a simple open-source and privacy-friendly Dutch weather app for Android (5.0 or newer). It is free both as in free lunch and as in freedom. Weather information is provided by […]

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