Gadgetbridge Communicate with Pebble/Mi Band/Amazfit Bip/Hplus devices and more New in version 0.57.0 * Initial limited support for Mi Band 6 * Amazfit GTR2/GTS2: Fix for flashing watchfaces * Amazfit GTR/GTS/GTR2/GTS2/Bip S: Allow flashing AGPS bundles * Amazfit Neo: Add lift wrist setting * Fossil Hybrid HR: Restructure settings menus for calibration, file management and […]

treehouses remote

treehouses remote Communicate with headless Raspberry Pi mobile server running treehouses image vi In order to use treehouses remote, it is required to download a custom Raspbian image that can be found [here](!pages/ and flash it onto an SD card to be inserted into your Raspberry Pi. With treehouses remote, you can: * Get detailed […]

Moscow Wi-Fi autologin

Moscow Wi-Fi autologin Automatically connect to public networks of Moscow public transport Allows you to connect to Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro, Aeroexpress, MCC and other ground transportation (buses, trolleybuses, trams) in fully automatic mode. No action is required from you: immediately after installation, the application is ready to work. Anti-Features This app has features […]

My Leaf

My Leaf Remote control and information for your Nissan Leaf My Leaf is a simple and fast alternative to the official NissanConnect EV app from Nissan. You can ask your vehicle for the latest data, see current battery and charging statuses, see current climate control state, start or stop climate control remotely, remotely start charging, […]

Location Share

Location Share Share your current location Location Share is a simple Android application that allows you to share your current location. Location Share doesn’t require setting up an account, doesn’t track your location in the background, doesn’t auto-share it, and doesn’t send it to anyone except those you explicitly tell it to. It can share […]

Device Connect

Device Connect Yet another tool to connect Android phone with desktop New in version 0.6.2 * Some human-readable logs * Fixed absence of extension in names of selected music files Device Connect Yet another tool to connect Android phone with desktop similar to KDE Connect. Features: * Lightweight and fast * AES-256 encryption with password […]

RasPi Check

RasPi Check Check the status of your RasPi Show the user the current system status of a running Raspberry Pi computer. To gather the information needed, RasPi Check uses a SSH connection. RasPi Check shows you overclocking information (frequency, temperature, volts) and more system information (free memory, runtime, disk status). You can also restart or […]


WireGuard Next generation secure VPN network tunnel WireGuard is a next generation secure network tunnel protocol. This application allows users to connect to WireGuard tunnels. More information may be found on the project webpage. If your device has a custom kernel containing the WireGuard module, then the module will be used for superior battery life […]

Dialer for Pebble

Dialer for Pebble Client for the PebbleDialer watchapp Pebble dialer gives you extra options for phone calls on your pebble, such as: * Answer incoming calls * Outgoing calls from the pebble * Mute ringer of incoming calls * Toggle in-call microphone mute * Toggle speakerphone This is intended to use with the official closed […]


Platypush Control your Platypush instances from Android. New in version 1.0.1 – App migrated to a native Kotlin+webview implementation instead of the AndroidJS build pipeline – Improved speed and stability of services search – Added support for preferrer/memorized hosts and services This app provides an easy way to access your Platypush ( devices and instances. […]


NoProvider2Push UP-distributor without provider New in version 1.1.1 * update dependencies NoProvider2Push is a UnifiedPush distributor able to provide push notifications without a push provider. For this, it needs a static address even with the roaming. It is achievable with a custom network such as a VPN (eg. wireguard) or the yggdrasil network. For more […]

Lucia App

Lucia App Lucia allows you to anonymously check in at events using QR code based tracing. The Lucia app is capable of generating QR codes that users can use to check in at locations while not providing any personal data whatsoever. This is intended to safe-guard your privacy against a security hole in a certain […]

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook New in version 2.2.0 + Bugfix: little fixes in json parsing + New: Numbered instructions can be marked as done + New: In landscape mode it shows ingredients and instructions side by side + Update translations This app is a viewer for recipes in Nextcloud App. […]

WiFi Automatic

WiFi Automatic Turn off Wi-Fi automatically This simple Android app can help you increase the standby time of your device; it automatically disables your WiFi radio when you don’t need it and thereby lowers the battery consumption. It is designed to be used with WiFi-only tablets – these devices normally don’t require a constant internet […]


IPFS Lite IPFS Lite node with modern UI to support standard use cases of IPFS New in version 2.4.6 fixes IPFS The InterPlanetary File System is a peer-to-peer (p2p) filesharing system that aims to fundamentally change the way information is distributed across & beyond the globe. IPFS consists of several innovations in communication protocols and […]

Sideload Helper by Rebble

Sideload Helper by Rebble Sideload to the Official Pebble App with an app from Rebble Sideload Helper by Rebble helps you sideload Pebble watch files (.pbw, .pbl, and .pbz) and Pebble Store links into the official Pebble app. Explanation of permissions: REQUEST_DELETE_PACKAGES – This is used so that Sideload Helper by Rebble can help the […]

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