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Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer Simplest Sleep Timer Sleep Timer helps you fall asleep while listening to music or podcasts. When the timer stops, audio playback is gradually lowered then paused. 1. Add the Tile in the Quick Settings panel. 2. Tap the Tile to start a timer. 3. Extend, reduce or cancel the timer with the notification […]

Handy News Reader

Handy News Reader RSS reader with full offline support fulltext articles with images ”’Main functions:”’ * RSS feeds of articles * search for a feed by keyword when adding * automatic (by shedule) download offline full-text versions of articles with images * import / export of the channel list from OPML * filter articles by […]

Binary Eye

Binary Eye Yet another barcode scanner ”Binary Eye” works in portrait and landscape orientation, can read inverted codes, is Material Design and doesn’t do anything else but decoding a barcode. It uses the ZXing (“Zebra Crossing”) barcode scanning library. Supported barcode formats are: AZTEC, CODABAR, CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE 128, DATA MATRIX, EAN 8, […]

Signal Generator

Signal Generator Audio Signal Generator An android signal generator with twirly knob. * Frequency range 10Hz – 25KHz * Level range 0dB – -80dB The frequency knob responds to finger twirling. The fine frequency and level sliders allow for fine adjustments of frequency and output level. The frequency knob is also adjustable using the left […]

MAXS Module Clipboard

MAXS Module Clipboard A Module for MAXS This is a Module for MAXS, which does not install any launcher. You need “MAXS Main” and a configured MAXS Transport to make use of it. The Clipboard module can be used to set and retrieve the content of the Android clipboard. License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or […]


OAndBackupX Your open-source tool to backup your apps … and their data New in version 6.0.0 * Added: Export/import of schedules * Added: Ascending/descending sort support * Updated: Global blocklist applies to Main * Updated: Use modes’ checkboxes in the backup/restore/schedule dialogs * Fixed: Schedules not firing on time * Fixed: Delayed notifications of some […]

My Expenses

My Expenses Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source New in version • CSV import: Tags • Active Tags My Expenses keeps track of your expenses and your income, directly on your smartphone and on your tablet. – Up to five accounts with transfers (also between different currencies) – Unlimited […]


Gadgetbridge Communicate with Pebble/Mi Band/Amazfit Bip/Hplus devices and more New in version 0.57.0 * Initial limited support for Mi Band 6 * Amazfit GTR2/GTS2: Fix for flashing watchfaces * Amazfit GTR/GTS/GTR2/GTS2/Bip S: Allow flashing AGPS bundles * Amazfit Neo: Add lift wrist setting * Fossil Hybrid HR: Restructure settings menus for calibration, file management and […]


MAXS Main Main component of MAXS MAXS (Modular Android XMPP Service) allows you to receive notifications and remote control your Android device over XMPP. You will need at least one transport component and one module besides MAXS main in order to make use of MAXS. ”’Make sure to launch Maxs Main once before installing other […]

Package Manager

Package Manager A powerful application to manage your apps! New in version v4.5 * Re-organized and improved code. * Now built using latest Gradle plugin. * Added Portuguese and hungarian translations. * Updated German, Spanish, Vietnamese & Turkish translations. * Miscellaneous changes. Package Manager is a highly powerful application to manage apps, both system and […]

APK Explorer & Editor

APK Explorer & Editor An open-source APK explorer/Editor & Split APK/App bundle Installer for Android! New in version v0.14 * Added option to decompile and read dex files (Note: Editing is not yet supported). * Improved APK building so that unnecessary files won’t be added. * Added Spanish translations. * Miscellaneous changes. APK Explorer & […]


Editor Simple generic text editor This is a very simple generic text editor which may be used standalone or to show or edit any sort of text file from another app. If you select a text file in a file manager or similar app you will be offered the option of using this editor along […]


Automation Automate stuff on your device by creating rules. New in version 1.6.33 * Configuration can now be exported and imported * Moved some things from main screen to separate screen * Notification title and text can be used as variable * Changes in start other app action * Progressed in Spanish translation Create rules […]


F-Droid The app store that respects freedom and privacy F-Droid is an installable catalogue of libre software apps for Android. The F-Droid client app makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.It connects to any F-Droid compatible repositories. The default repo is hosted at, which contains only bona […]

Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard

Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard A simple Bopomofo software keyboard (input method editor) for typing Hanyu Hello, it’s me, Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard. I have implemented most features of libchewing (, to provide you a choice of Bopomofo software keyboard (aka input method editor). * Unlike other similar products, though I don’t have fuzzy, error-tolerance design, I do […]

MAXS Module WifiChange

MAXS Module WifiChange A Module for MAXS This is a Module for MAXS, which does not install any launcher. You need “MAXS Main” and a configured MAXS Transport to make use of it. The WifiChange module can be used to perform changes to the WiFi subsystem (enable/disable WiFi). License:GNU General Public License v3.0 or later […]


ScreenStream Screen streaming over HTTP The application allows viewing the device screen in your web browser. The main idea is to show your device screen during presentations and demos. No need of any additional software except for this app and a web browser. No annoying ads or pop-ups. It uses MJPEG to encode screen images […]

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